Teagrance is The Jasmine Tea Flavored Toothpaste With Beautiful Packaging


In a market of products that normally look the same, this toothpaste packaging stands out. Imaginaria Creative created the beautiful floral-inspired packaging for Teagrance, an all-natural toothpaste brand.


“Teagrance is the first all-natural Chinese herbal toothpaste with Jasmine Tea marketed in the U.S. and the first product produced for the Granny's Remedies brand. This toothpaste optimizes oral health and ensures lasting fresh breath naturally.”


“We wanted the packaging to convey freshness with a clean, contemporary and upscale design while spotlighting the ingredient that sets it apart: Jasmine Tea. We think it's a fresh breath of air in the category!”


Designed By: Imaginaria Creative
Designer/Creative Director: Cesar Sanchez
Client: Granny's Remedies
Location: Texas, USA