These Flashy Premium Tomato Products Are Determined To Bring a Taste of Italy


Auge Design created this gorgeous packaging for Mutti, an Italian brand known for their tomato products. The design features beautiful gold details that reinforce the premium quality of the product.

“Mutti is the Italian excellence in the processed tomatoes field. For this reason, the company was selected by FICO Eataly World (the world’s largest agri-food park) to be the one and only ambassador of this industry.”


“To celebrate this acknowledgment, Mutti commissioned Auge Design with the task to redesign six special edition packages among their standard offer: four lithographed tin cans (Tomato Pulp, Cherry Tomatoes, Peeled Tomatoes, Datterini Tomatoes), a Tomato Puree glass bottle and a Tomato Concentrate tube with its cardboard cluster. 

The high quality product is depicted graphically as a dialogue between future and past where the first is visualized through system of symbols that becomes a powerful pattern, whereas the second is the accurate and precious outside crafting.”


“Starting from the original format we gave them a new glamorous and luxurious look through the use of sophisticated finishing such as gold foils, bright colors contrasting with ivory surfaces, silkscreen printed materials. 

Tradition, preciousness, quality, design: a tasty souvenir of Italy.”


Agency: Auge Design 
Client: Mutti Spa
Creative Director: Davide Mosconi
Designer: Davide Mosconi, Giovanni Stillittano
Location: Florence, Italy