This Striking Tea Packaging Will Have You Filling In The Blanks


Black Squid Design created this strikingly modern packaging for Whistle Blower Tea Co. The result is an intriguing product that is sure to captivate consumers on the shelves.

“Whistle Blower Tea Co. (Perth, Australia) needed a full rebrand starting with a logo and retail packaging. In a saturated market their product had to stand out as the premium tea that it was, and strongly pronounce their philosophy of honesty and sustainability.”


“Taking inspiration from whistle blowers and code breakers, release of information, and redacted documents, we trialed many combinations of missing letters to achieve the most readable outcome, with the brain naturally filling in the gaps in the logo.

We took a clean and minimal approach packaging, and needed a strong logo to become the central feature to reflect the brands intentions of promoting accountability and honesty. This was paired with a bold photographic style showing each individual ingredient in detail, to further emphasize the open and honest voice of the company.”


“Wherever possible we sought out sustainable materials, with a compostable internal bag and 100% recyclable carton, label and print collateral.”


Designed By: Black Squid Design 
Client: Whistle Blower Tea Co. 
Creative Director: Derek Butler
Designer: Rowan Laubsch
Location: Adelaide, Australia