Evivva! Is A Cheerful Natural Juice Brand


C’mon get happy with this cheerful juice packaging. Musen Design created the exciting bold packaging for Evivva!, a natural family-friendly juice brand.

“A drink to turn every moment into an expression of joy. Evivva! is a line of natural juices without added sugar or preservatives. A product for the whole family, made for those who live life with lightness and prioritize well-being. The product name was developed based on an Italian interjection for joy and happiness. The visual identity brings the natural fruit, in all its freshness, with the support of vibrant colors that stand out at the supermarket shelf.”


Designed By: Musen Design
Client: Catafesta Wines & Juices
Account Manager: Daniela Herrmann
Design Director: Flavia Hocevar
Design Assistant: Marina Jacques Vieira
Product Naming: Mafagafos Naming
Illustration: Fescher Neoilustração
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil