This Barcelona-Based Brand Gets a Sophisticated New Look


Barcelona based retailer, WOUF, recently hired Folch for an extensive rebrand to tap into a more sophisticated audience. The products, identified by unique prints inspired by tropical nights and urban jungles, are made in Spain with high quality raw materials and eco inks. Leaving behind its playful identity and whimsical images, Folch aimed to reposition the retailer as a contemporary lifestyle brand by developing an authentic narrative and sophisticated new look.


For the new campaign, WOUF collaborated with model and influencer, Nuria Val, and world-renowned photographer, Coke Bartrina. “24 hours in Berlin” is based on a real life trip to the capital of Germany where the couple discover the city’s hidden corners featuring the latest collection of bags and cases.


As part of the rebrand, Folch developed a new packaging design. Divided into two colours – white and black, depending on the product – Wouf’s distinctive patterns remain the focus while the logotype, blindly embossed, embellishes the structured paper and gives the packaging a quality, contemporary look.


Designed By: Folch
Client: WOUF
Model and Influencer: Nuria Val
Photographer: Coke Bartrina
Location: Barcelona