Enjoy More of that Holiday Flavor with Buddy’s Mulled Wine

The holidays may be over, but who says you can’t enjoy another glass or two of delicious mulled wine? Buddy sends out an end-of-year gift to clients and friends that’s absolutely perfect for the season: a red wine that’s been blended with subtle flavors like cinnamon and clove. The packaging for Buddy Mulled Wine 2016 takes the tradition and updates it with a totally modern, striking look.

“At the end of every year we design and package our own Mulled Wine to send out to clients and friends as a festive gift. Every year we approach the project with the same goal, to create something different to our previous designs.”

“This year we have opted for a minimal graphic solution using an iconic symbol of a cooker hob heat ring, reflecting the necessity to heat the mulled wine before serving, with a hidden festive detail.”

“The labels were produced on black Plike paper with a printed black, ‘hob-red’ foil block, and embossing to add tactility.”


Designed by: Buddy

Country: United Kingdom