Sierra Alta

Exquisite in detail and flavor. This bottle of full-bodied Malbec designed by Studio Parr features an intricate pattern of Sierra Alta's emblem. Inspired by the rich heritage of Mendoza, this is a vino everyone must try to fully grasp the traditions of Argentina's countryside.  

"Sierra Alta is a bold and full-bodied Malbec designed by Studio Parr, a boutique branding, packaging, and graphic agency in the UK. The design reflects the wines character by Balancing a bold, contemporary layout with traditional craftsmanship. The weathered natural paper features a two-part label, allowing for the beautifully crafted monogram to take centre stage. The strong geometric structure is accentuated by heavy flatbed emboss detailing whilst the striking electric blue gives great recognition in a crowded marketplace."

"Sierra Alta is a wine dedicated to the rich heritage of its birthplace through its design and character."


Designed by Studio Parr

Country: United Kingdom