Umpqua Private Bank Welcome Kit

This is a bank that goes above and beyond for its customers. Umpqua Private Bank is a community bank in the Pacific Northwest and western United States. CO Projects was tasked with creating a welcome kit for new clients, aiming to make them feel at home and also set the tone for the superior service and consideration they can expect from the bank.

“Umpqua Private Bank provides financial services for individuals with sizable assets. CO Projects was asked to create a welcome ceremony marking the beginning of the relationship with a new client. Since Umpqua’s name is taken from a forest and a river, we chose to begin with the gesture of planting a tree as a symbol of growth. The rings of the tree represent the beginning of a shared history. We imbue this first day with gifts to partake at different times, from morning to evening, using fruits of local businesses. In the end, the client is left with an edition of a letterpress tree-ring print, a bamboo box and a new sense of place.”

The beautiful wooden box has “Welcome has a nice ring to it” on the front, just below a piece of metal that features an image of a tree. While the wood material is certainly a representation of the bank name, the piece of metal makes it a more premium-feeling experience. The lid then slides down to reveal the rings of a tree with “We are here” written on an overlay. It emphasizes the company’s history and builds trust between the new client and Umpqua. Once the paper is lifted, a few compartments reveal various products (including a pine cone) that encourage the new customers to relax, recharge, and celebrate.


Creative Director: Marc Cozza

Art Director: Rebecca Cohen

Project Manager: Spike Selby

Copywriter: Palmer Pettersen

Tree Ring Print: Craig Conahan

Box Fabrication: Cameron Jackman

Printing: Premier Press, Egg Press

Designed by CO Projects

Country: United States

City: Portland