Yak Ales

Although it might seem like the craft beer trend has just gotten started here in the United States, it’s been well underway for over 30 years in Australia. Recently, the oldest craft brewer in Australia, Matilda Bay, asked WhatCameNext_ to create a range of ales that originates from its most popular ale, Fat Yak. They redesigned Fat Yak and expanded the line to include three distinct brews which use the iconic yak head to display the unique tasting notes of each.

“WhatCameNext_ were tasked with creating the Yak Ales masterbrand and the redesign for the family of Yak ales that sit within the stable, creating a branded look whilst paving the way for future innovations. Each brew within the range has its own distinct personality which was brought to life through the strong iconic brand mark. Fat Yak, a big and hairy beast of a beer features the textured fur graphic, Lazy Yak, a summery easy drinking fellow features an abstract setting of the sun, and the newest addition, Wild Yak pacific ale features a tropical pattern taking its inspiration from the South Seas.”

“In a crowded market, strong standout was key whilst also giving the ability to hold together as a family across all the formats of bottles, cartons and six packs. Fat and Lazy Yak have recently relaunched in market with Wild Yak having premiered at the May's Great Australian Beer Spectacular festival in Melbourne, launches nationwide in September.”


Designed by WhatCameNext_

Country: Australia

City: Sydney