Coco Fiori "Share Collection"

A fresh and lovely bouquet of flowers is a guaranteed way to put a smile on someone’s face. For the “Share Collection” from florist Coco Fiori, the point was to not just share a bouquet with one person, but to spread the joy to more people. Backbone Branding developed the packaging for this flower brand that wants to encourage consumers to share beauty.

“The challenge was to create an exclusive collection for local leader brand in premium flower brand Coco Fiori. The idea came exactly from exclusivity of this product. It is a big bouquet of flower, which you can share into parts and to present a peace of beauty to the people you love. Share beauty with Share Collection became the slogan of promo campaign, which exactly describes the idea of this packaging.”

Each package is hexagonal and made up of six separate bouquets. Once you take the lid off you can see the gorgeous flowers inside, and each bouquet is then rearranged so that the flowers face the outside rather than inside. Together, the bouquets create a beautiful centerpiece, but each can be taken individually to share the joy that one gets from freshly picked flowers. The outer packaging of each bouquet is almost completely bare except for the brand name and “Share Collection” written in a handwritten font, making the flowers feel even more like a special, personalized gift.


Designed by Backbone Branding

Country: Armenia