Black Dinah Chocolatiers

Kate Shaffer is no stranger to challenges. Once her job as the chef at an inn in Maine came to an end, she wanted to do something different. On Isle au Haut, six miles off the coast of Maine, Shaffer cooked up Black Dinah Chocolatiers. The work combined her talents as a chef and writer to create outstanding award-winning sweets. And as her company grew, she turned to Pulp+Wire with support for her booming brand.

“Kate shared her story with the consumer-packaging creatives at Pulp+Wire. The agency did a deep dive into Black Dinah’s brand DNA, creating the Brand Book that identified Kate’s unique vision, and providing a guide for channeling the Black Dinah brand voice. New packaging and a new website captured Kate’s whimsical off-the-charts approach to chocolate. A coordinated social media campaign spread the word through organic and promoted posts, influential bloggers, sponsored giveaways, and regular seasonally-themed emails. It was a sweet ride and we are thrilled with the month-over-month growth they have been seeing ever since.”

Black Dinah Chocolatiers is a decadent way to treat yourself, and the packaging makes it a luxurious experience. An elegant font, light marble patterns on the inside, and a detailed description of the brand and the product engage consumers and make even one bite feel like a glorious indulgence. A small circle allows us to peek inside and see the mouthwatering chocolate bark, making it an impossible treat to pass up.


Designed by: Pulp+Wire

Country: United States

City: Portland, ME