Duck Foot Brewing Co.

Looking for a fun, quirky beer to bring to a party? Check out Duck Foot Brewing Co. Designed by Madonna+Child Design House, Duck Foot's 22oz beer bottles are riddled with vintage photography collaged with graphic embellishments. Vibrant colors of blue, pink, and yellow reflect the brewing company's playful aesthetic as it references pop art from the early 1960s. Each beer style not only has a unique name to go with it but the Duck Foot stamp of approval. As part of the visual language, artwork for The Contender, The Looker, and The ChocoNut Lust can be found on the wall of Duck Foot's San Diego tasting room. So, if you are ever in the area, stop by and grab a few pints. 


Designed by Madonna+Child Design House

Client: Duck Foot Brewing Co.

Country: United States