Concepts We Wish Were Real

What's new in the concept packaging world? Check out this weeks Concepts We Wish Were Real to find out.

Brisk Chocolate


A chocolate for every season! Shaivalini Kumar has designed this concept for Brisk Chocolates, chocolate bars that are made from rich cacao and have active ingredients that each can be associated with a certain type of weather and time of year.

Brisk Chocolates use bold and bright colors for each season, and the bars also have their own unique illustrations. These illustrations and colors set the mood for the flavors: mint, pure milk, rose, and hazelnut. Each image has a clear representation of the flavor at the top, and the creative illustrations remind us of our favorite parts of the season. For example, we see a relaxing summer spent by the pool or a brisk winter day ice skating with friends. The chocolate bars almost creating a longing for the season, making them the perfect fit for when it is that time of year or a wonderful way to bring a little bit of that season into our lives today. A simple sans serif font allows the illustrations to truly capture our attention and help to discern each chocolate bar.

Designed by Shaivalini Kumar

Country: India


Bad Seed Cider


A cider so bad, it’s good. Anne Flavin’s concept for Bad Seed Cider is a unique product that blends the craft of cider making and beer brewing techniques to create a product that can truly stand out in a crowded market.

“Bad Seed is in a unique situation in which they are competing in both cider and beer industries. The goal of this rebrand was to provide Bad Seed with branding that represents the passion they feel for sharing their product, but with an edgy spin that is required of them to compete in such a flooded market. In order for Bad Seed to represent the juxtaposition of welcoming and edgy, the rebrand uses pops of light, bright colors in conjunction with imagery that may suggest subtle hints of hardness. The brand is now approachable and welcoming, with a slight rebellious undertone that implies strength and competitiveness.”

The Bad Seed Cider skull is complete with the letters of the brand name. Sharp angles of the “A” create a hollow nose, while the repetitive “E” creates teeth. This skull then rests among bushes of apples in red, green, and yellow, representing the different flavors available. The six-packs are mostly black and white, with splashes of the respective color, while the interior part that buyers grab to actually carry the pack is covered in apples and leaves. It implies that Bad Apple Cider is packed with interesting flavor and that there is much more than meets the eye.

Designed by Anne Flavin

Country: United States


Cerveza Milagro


Even if you’re not religious, you’ve likely seen images of the Sacred Heart—a flaming heart that shines with a divine brilliance. Pedro Ramírez took graphics from different religions, like this one from Catholicism, and has created a concept called Cerveza Milagro. Instead of a flaming heart, though, you can behold a glowing hop. 

“Concept identity for a Mexican, barrel aged beer. The identity was inspired by religious style graphics and designed without landing on a specific religion; the design required attention to the smallest detail, as is required to the brewing of the product itself. The silkscreened label has a rough alternative look, balanced with a divine and serious aspect that reflects the quality of the beer.”

Cerveza Milagro Wild Ale comes in a traditional amber beer bottle, with striking robin egg blue and goldenrod hues. The nods to religion, like the Sacred Heart hop or wide banners bearing news, are subtle enough that they can be recognized and at the same time add an element of personality. An eclectic font combination and traditional illustration style channels both the old and new, promoting Cerveza Milagro as a premium beer choice for any discerning beer drinker.

Designed by Pedro Ramírez

Country: United States




Water is water, right? Not when it comes to WONE. This gourmet water concept from Agência BUD in Brazil was created to be the top choice in the niche. WIth strong, contrasting colors, it possesses a clean and modern concept which many look for in a gourmet beverage like this.

WONE’s packaging clearly expresses that this is refreshing water, but better. Instead of a traditional water bottle, WONE comes in an almost wine-like bottle, making the entire experience more luxurious and refined. It allows consumers to enjoy the feeling of opening a nice bottle of something to drink while also benefitting from a healthy glass of water. The bottles even have a punt at the bottom and a foil wrapper at the top. Bright and refreshing colors make up the designs for the original, blueberry, and special edition beverages, while letting the sparkling clear waters to act as the backdrop.

Designed by Agência BUD

Country: Brazil


The Local Stache


Go to where the dream of the 90s is alive. Portland, Oregon, has made quite a name for itself as a hipster haven where artists, record stores, and gourmet donut shops thrive. Naturally, the city wouldn’t be complete with Victoria Holmes’ concept for The Local Stache, an urban shave shop located in the downtown district. Carrying a variety of organic brands as well as their own line of products, the shop will cater to any and all shaving needs.

The Local Stache offers products that promote the old-fashioned method of shaving with a more modern, green perspective. An earthy color palette and wooden elements communicate products that are naturally good for you and are free of chemicals. Full mustaches, monocles, and top hats contribute to the old-timey gentlemanly look, and the box is even cleverly sealed with a bowtie. The packaging’s sans serif font adds a bit of a contemporary edge, making these items perfect for the modern man who wants the luxury of sophisticated products.

Designed by Victoria Holmes

Country: United States


Infinity Jewelry


Just imagine getting a beautiful, shining piece of jewelry in something like this! Mary Vinogradova’s concept for Infinity Jewelry truly makes the experience of receiving a new pair of earrings, a ring, or necklace even more special. Using a seashell as inspiration, the handmade packaging builds the excitement for any person opening it.

“Packaging is a symbol and the lifestyle of the consumer. The object of my packing is represented by the image of the scaly shells. The package consists of 3 moving parts. Top cover packing, moving vertically opening and closing the inner content of the package. Inside is a ring which is also on a mobile base. The packaging was entirely made by hand. The creation process consisted of many complex preparatory stages. The packaging is unique in its shape and form. Besides, it is sufficiently pleasant to the touch and creates an atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy in the moment of giving jewelry. Material: veneer (mixed breed). Wood was chosen in order to emphasize the exclusivity and elegance of the package. The image of the moving shells or repetitive shape around its axis speaks of the eternity of time, because everything goes in circles and returns to the starting point.”

The wood packaging allows the attention to go towards the extravagant jewelry inside, emphasizing joy in the small, simple things. Infinity Jewelry comes in a box, but not the traditional jewelry boxes we’re used to seeing. This one does not pop up on a hinge, but instead a sleeve slides off, revealing the wooden ball inside. It adds an extra step that builds suspense for the recipient and is a much more memorable take on a jewelry box. The handmade details add to the unique qualities, making Infinity Jewelry feel incredibly one-of-a-kind.  

Designed by Mary Vinogradova

Country: Ukraine