Rafa Office Supply Industry

Rafa needed to be refreshed, so Triocom stepped in to design completely new packaging for the office supply company. Since the company had been in business for over 20 years, it was important to attract a wider customer base while still appealing to their loyal customers as well.

“When sought our design studio to work a new brand positioning and packaging realized that there was a project that would be very pleasurable to develop and have a great result. In the research we could identify how this type of product has low competition and visual appeal to all competitors. For activation of the materials define own icons and a revival in all packaging.”

Rafa has a combination of colored stripes and designs that channel a bit of retro inspiration, but a modern sans serif font makes it a little more contemporary. Bright colors add a bit of playfulness to your standard selection of office supplies, giving the brand a bit of personality and also helping the products to stand out on the shelf. A rich midnight blue appears on all of the boxes, adding a bit of a uniform look while also helping to calm down the repetitive graphics and designs on the box.


Designed by: Triocom

Country: Brazil