Nuances NUGALI

Chocolate lovers, take a look at this. Nuances NUGALI has gather four different flavors of chocolate with cocoa from Nugali, one of the few bean-to-bar manufacturers in Brazil. The minibars offer a variety of surprising Brazilian flavors, individually packed in a perfect size for tastings.

“Nuances packaging, designed by FAZdesign, brings the lettering highlighted in hotstamping in the foreground on an illustration of cocoas and cacao leaves painted in watercolor style in bright, saturated colors referring to cocoa colors and Brazil, on a white background.”

“These illustrations were inspired by the 19th century botany almanacs, where the visual reference of all this publications were mainly illustrations, where the careful attempt to detail was vital to the brazilian flora knowledge, understanding and research.”

Nuances comes in a delightful box set, with gorgeously detailed cocoa pods on the front. The inside is not your traditional chocolate box, but instead it offers individually wrapped chocolates that allow it to stay fresh longer and make it easier to identify and share. Nuances is an elegant, premium chocolate selection that focuses on the importance of the ingredients that go into each variety of chocolate, with cocoa pods and a color palette that reflects the rich flavors.

“The other cover information, in cardboard, appear printed in gold color, complementing the packaging sophistication, that also has a soft touch finishing. Packaging sides are appearing in black tones, giving it refinement and acting as a frame for the cover art. Package base, also in cardboard, features illustrations of minibars that makes up the product and presents organized information related to it.”

“The package has a locking system made on the own cardboard package, just having to gently slide the cover to open it. When opened, the package works as a display, exposing four flavors in an organized manner, which is accommodated in a thermoformed black plastic cradle.”

“The minibars packaging, printed in BOPP film, has a direct connection with their original packages, facilitating the recognition by those who are already familiar with them. The package highlights the product in the Points of Sale and, due to its refinement and sophistication, presents itself as a good choice for gifting, beyond arising interest in who is a chocolate connoisseur.”


Designed by: FAZdesign

Country: Brazil