These energy bars are certainly a sweet and simple treat! Made with healthy supplements and aimed towards the health-conscious, Suprematika developed packaging for the bars that would showcase the pure and delicious ingredients inside. Muesli bars feature a shining sun and growing wheat that look almost like they were drawn on with a crayon or oil pencil. Against the brown packaging, it gives a sense of earthiness and speaks to the wholesome quality of the ingredients, as well as their health benefits.

“Sport and dietary series of muesli bars with special supplements of L-carnitine, baobab, dietary fiber, protein and creatine. Illustrations used some laconic landscapes with spikelets of cereals acquiring original form, acquiring an original shape corresponding content bar. Sun rising behind spikelets works not only as an accent color spot, but also carries an additional feature, indicating the number of calories. The higher and brighter the sun - the less calories contains a bar.”


Designed by: Suprematika

Country: Russia