Scooping cat litter is simply a part of owning a cat, by Aromaticat can help to make it more pleasant. This litter is designed specifically so that you won’t be able to smell your cat’s business at all and instead are treated to the exotic scents of a rain forest or the wonderful smell of a fruit orchard. Dochery developed the packaging for this silica gel litter brand that is a cat owner’s dream.

“Choice of cat litter is a delicate subject. On the one hand it has to be comfortable for the pet, yet on the other hand the main task of a litter is hygiene of the house. What after all has to be an ideal litter? Researches show that for most of consumers a key factor of his choice is an ability to hold smells. We have relied on total absence of smell in the house – the compounding of litter was specially developed in China.”

“The developed name Aromaticat and the creative visual concept tell that in the house of our consumers there won't smell of a cat completely. The litter totally holds unpleasant smells. And in the apartment there is a light aroma of a rainforest, a lavender or the apple orchard. In packing design we have tried to abstract as much as possible from a subject of a cat's toilet, and thus didn't use photorealistic images.”

Colorful illustrations show the kitty out in the wild, and the rich color palettes express a certain strength against the foul pet odors they’ll be blocking. Aromaticat stands out from the competition by not using actual photos of a cat but instead creating a dreamy, lovely environment on the packaging. This takes the minds of consumers from a stinky litter box to a much more enjoyable place. A small pie-shaped section that blends in with the greenery shows detail of the product which is more advanced than traditional cat litter with silica gel. Seeing it in a pleasant environment communicates to buyers that the smell is incredibly pleasant and will completely change their experience with cat litter from now on.

“We have shown a pet who ‘does the dirty affairs’ in a garden, on the beach, in the field with a lavender. Don't doubt, it is really pleasant for his predatory nature. Indeed the wild animal is concealed in each domestic kitty.”


Designed by: Dochery

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg