Time to Blossom

Åland is a multi-brand store from Korea, and they’ve recently launched their own cosmetic brand. With package design by Crosspoint Design Studio and charming illustrations by Yeji Yun, this is a skincare and beauty line that doesn’t just sell the product but also creates an engaging short story.

Time to Blossom makes certified USDA organic products, and the playful illustrations of animals indicate the products are natural and not harmful to the earth. Each animal has its own distinct personality—a cool cat with sunglasses lazing in the sun and a bear musician playing his favorite tune on a guitar. By fleshing out what each one likes to do and how it dresses, the consumer can start to piece together their own unique story. Because of the care that went into creating each illustration, the items will appear less like beauty and bath products and more like self-contained pieces of art.


Designed by Crosspoint Design Studio

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul