Run Riot

Run Riot is a wine dedicated to the big wild boar that regularly rip up vineyards. Stranger & Stranger developed the packaging for this pinot noir, giving the wine a little bit of attitude.

The weathered yellow label features a feisty boar on the front with the name of the wine askew, almost as if each letter were trying to escape it. Both the illustration and the text have a long shadow, giving consumers a clear vision of the later time in the day that the wine is portraying. The label is not perfectly straight on the edges, and the image shows some stray ink splotches, giving buyers the sense that the wine is a more unique choice. On the top of the screw top closure we see three tiny boar prints, a small yet fun discovery one makes when opening the wine that gives it a bit of character.


Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Country: United States

City: New York