Hardy Coffee Co

Delicious coffee beans, right from Colombia, Kenya, and Peru. Hardy Coffee Co is a rugged and hearty roastery that provides excellent, approachable coffee in Omaha, Nebraska. Fruitful Design created the branding and packaging, communicating the hardworking ideals for the company that fuels the difference-makers, innovators, and leaders who make their city great.

With a strong wild buffalo in their logo, Hardy Coffee Co adopts a tough and industrious attitude. An easy visual language is in place to help indicate the origin and type of coffee, while the color palette and font choices are straightforward and no-nonsense. It’s clear to the consumer that they’re getting simply good coffee. The beans come in resealable brown bags, and the black labels add a bit of seriousness to the look. Large, all-caps letters for the brand name communicate a confidence that is undeniably alluring to consumers looking for delicious coffee done right.


Designed by Fruitful Design

Client: Hardy Coffee Co

Country: United States