Chocolate Expression

Organic dark chocolate and caramelized almonds—no, this isn’t heaven, it’s just the latest chocolate bar from Monsieur Truffe. Designed by Hybrid Expression, this fanciful treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

“This organic 70% dark chocolate with salted caramelized almonds by Monsieur Truffe is our latest (edible) obsession. Wrapped in this darling packaging design and illustrated by Melanie Miles makes this one special drool worthy treat. Monsieur Truffe are known for their use of high quality ingredients with their single-origin chocolate range presenting the rich breadth of regional expression the cocoa bean is capable of. Like us, they are committed to sharing their artisanal approach of their craft with the community which makes this the perfect collaboration. The packaging features fine detail illustration and a playful theme which is a distinctive style of Melbourne based designer Melanie Miles.”

The whimsical illustrations on the label truly make Chocolate Expression unique. Light, dreamy colors and small plants and animals appear all over, giving the bar a bit of a magical quality, like Snow White traipsing through the forest. On the front of the label, a black square features the Monsieur Truffe name in a handwritten font, making the chocolate bar feel like it was created and packaged as part of a small operation.


Designed by Hybrid Expression

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne