Cha Tzu Tang

For the 51st Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, Cha Tzu Tang is a special gift set given to the filmmakers. Victor Branding Design created the packaging for the box to share a bit of the local culture with the recipients.

“The design is the Taiwanese cultural and creative product appointed by Golden Horse Awards. Golden Horse Awards is not only one of the most high-profile film events in Chinese Movies Industry, but also the most representative film award in Taiwan. The idea of ‘Cha Tzu Tang’ comes from the land of ‘Taiwan.’ It not only follows people’s warm emotions towards the traditional culture of tea seeds, it also combines local printmaking artists’ works, which are unique and combine culture and creativity, and which are now cultural and creative products that belong to Golden Horse exclusively.”

Incorporating a bit of traditional tea culture along with local artists’ work, Cha Tzu Tang is a wonderful gift that can serve as a perfect reminder of the time spent at the Golden Horse Awards. The lid to the gift box easily lifts up, displaying the line of beauty products, and bottles have their own little nook to rest in. Each item looks like a magic potion, specially crafted with ingredients from the region. The products, from the body lotion to the shampoo each have their own coordinating color on the label, popping against the black graphics.  


Designed by Victor Branding Design

Country: Taiwan