If you're ever in the area, you must pop in for a cup of tea or two. Nord is an amazing restaurant that has it all, cookies, cupcakes, and tea galore. Designed by White Studios, the brand's identity is fresh and forthcoming to the younger crowd. A sleek black and grey color scheme is highlighted with a burst of color while still remaining minimal. An entire alphabet infographic was created, adding a playful element to the brand and setting it apart from it's competitors. 

"Nord is a bit of everything - bakery, coffee shop, coffee roasting, drink bar, squinted bar & restaurant. We cleaned up their old logo and created the identity around the different commodities and categories. We used icons and illustrations to display the range and tell a story around their concept."

The ability to collaborate with different producers, talk about meat, fish, agriculture and manufacturing, matters most of all when it comes to food – that is the conviction to the people at Nord. The packaging is made with a different color range to distinguish taste, and give an easy overview. 


Designed by White Studios

Country: Norway