Warfield Distillery & Brewery

Tucked in the mountains of Idaho is Sun Valley, a small ski town that offers year-round activities and endless natural beauty. Conrad Garner developed the branding and packaging for Warfield Distillery & Brewery, a place that serves fresh, local beer and artisanal spirits in addition to seasonal pub fare.

Warfield Distillery & Brewery has a rugged appearance, suitable for the mountain life that those in this town live. A burly mountain goat stands proudly in the logo, resting on top of a rock and looking down to see what it’s climbed. This outdoorsy and robust vibe is evident to visitors, with plenty of wood and metal accents along with a cozy and warm cabin feeling. Warfield Distillery & Brewery is the perfect place to get out of the cold and enjoy a good, hearty drink.

Beers each have their own mascot, all of them animals with quite distinct personalities. There’s a tough, hard-working pigeon who goes to the mines for work and a beaver with a “toothy grin,” and all of them add a bit of clever wit to the beer varieties. Spirits adopt a different look entirely, clearly separating themselves from the beer offerings. The clear glass bottles have illustrations done in a more realistic and moody style along with some chevron details. Both look like more traditional gin and vodka labels, but the drawings and splashes of color make it a modern product with a retro appeal.


Designed by Conrad Garner

Country: United States

City: Tampa