Cito is a restaurant with heart. Giving you delicious, wholesome food that comes in fair portions, it aims to keep you healthy and happy. Estudio Yeyé developed the branding and packaging for the restaurant located in Mexico’s capital.

“Cito is a little place located on the always young Colonia Juarez in Mexico City. We use the ‘cito’ as a common name for the small things. In Mexican culture portions are large and this often causes people to be overweight, Cito provides a controlled menu that cares about your little heart. Simple and clean.”

Cito recognizes that eating well can be a challenge in our busy lives, and they want to create packs of tasty foods that not only taste good but make you feel good as well. The heart with line cutouts speaks to their transparency and desire to provide only the best meals and ingredients. To-go packaging can easily be written on, personalizing the buyer’s experience, and small snacks are packed up in small and easy-to-carry bags. This exemplifies their mission to make healthy options available to a wider audience.


Designed by: Estudio Yeyé

Country: Mexico

City: Chihuahua