Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Gift Set

This is the most luxurious and sensational nail polish gift set I have ever seen, hands down (pun intended). Christian Louboutin has packaged up some of their show-stopping nail polish bottles into a gift set featuring three striking shades with three different limited edition package designs. Pink developed the design, and MW Luxury Packaging used double thickness rigid board to manufacture each special box.

As if the unique nail polish bottles weren’t enough, the three colorful gift sets certainly tempt buyers into collecting all three. Each one seems to have its own mood, from sensuous and mysterious to eclectic and bold. Boxes open easily with a ribbon pull-tab, and each polish is displayed in its own window, like sculptures in a museum.

“The first design is a vividly coloured yellow pack, embossed with a blue and yellow paint spot effect on top of a leatherwork pattern. The other two packs feature a printed Hawaiian design, with red and orange hibiscus flowers growing among tropical ferns. This design is available with either a clean white or striking black background.”

“Each nail polish sits within its own arch with a multi-level EVA fitment, lined with a mirror finish top card. The walls and arches of the pack are customised to match the colours of the nail polish contained within. The hinged doors are opened with colour matched ribbon, and are held shut with magnets, with the inside of each door featuring the signature Louboutin logo.”


Designed by: Pink

Country: Global, United Kingdom