There really is never a bad time to enjoy chocolate, is there? Bar-Time celebrates this, making anytime the perfect time to sit down and enjoy something sweet. Kollektiv developed the branding and packaging for the new line of chocolates, creating something enjoyable and irresistible.

“Chocolate manufacturer ‘Barambo’ came to us to help bring life to their new brand. Taking into consideration that there is no exact time when human beings love to have chocolate and that we are all different just like our own wishes, still there is one thing that unites us all – we all want chocolate when we want it. ‘Bar Time’ is not a usual chocolate bar; it is a whole new experience, it is the time for having chocolate.”

“We came up with the naming which transformed the brand itself into experience. Naming inspired design language, which was implemented into a colorful and playful way. Bar-Time is meant to become the leader of local market, alongside being one of the first international brands of its kind.”

Bar-Time combines rich colors, subtle patterns, and a mouthwatering image to make this chocolate bar instantly noticeable. The packaging is fun without being childish, and anyone will be able to appreciate some of the finer details. For example, the word “time” in the brand name is written in a circle, just as if it were the main numbers on a clock. An image of the chocolate bar and all of its delicious contents appears near the end of the packaging, giving the illusion that it’s already been opened and ready to enjoy. This takes the consumer just one step closer to what it’s actually like to eat Bar-Time, making them even more excited to buy.


Designed by: Kollektiv

Client: Barambo

Country: Georgia

City: Tbilisi