Concepts We Wish Were Real

End of the week with a beautiful collection of Concepts We Wish Were Real.

Day & Night


Day & Night is an achingly beautiful and dreamy concept from Armenian agency Backbone Branding. Taking inspiration from our planet’s path around the sun, we see delightfully starry filled skies, striking negative space, and gorgeously detailed drawings.

“Day & Night is a concept project that has a bifacial nature that is injected in each of its design elements. The logo expresses the earth’s rotation with its shape symbolizing the change from day to night. The branding concept expresses the restaurant type that serves its dining during the day and the bar starts to act in the night. This duality of the restaurant living is clearly expressed in the pictured animals, illustrated in two different polarities.”

Designed for a full restaurant, the concept is displayed on wine and beer bottles, water pitchers, jars of chocolate, spaghetti, and more. Jagged lines give the impression of far-off mountain ridges, with a sky full of stars above. This fantastical feeling is complete with lively and detailed illustrations that blend into the constellations above, contributing to a sense of duality. Even the day and night logo plays with this idea, with the D and N sharing a line together. The remainder of the packaging remains uncluttered and minimal, allowing consumers to truly take in the lovely images and starry skies.

Designed by Backbone Branding

Country: Armenia

Art Direction/ Design: Stepan Azaryan

Design: Lilit Arshakyan

Illustration: Anahit Margaryan




Forget special edition—this milk is spacial edition. Molocow is a concept for milk by Imedia that plays on the incredibly familiar image of a cow being lifted up into a UFO. The packaging is fun and playful and sure to catch people’s attention when placed next to traditional gallons of milk. To mimic the look of a ray coming out of the spaceship bottle cap, Imedia chose to simply alter the shape of the entire bottle. The bottle is perfectly clear, allowing buyers to see the high quality of the product, while also creating a striking simplicity in the packaging. On the bottle, the only words we see are “MOLOCOW spacial edition,” letting the innovative design to catch our attention. A distressed cow slowly rises up to the top of the bottle, and at the very top sits a silver spaceship. When consumers unscrew the bottle cap, it almost feels as if the saucer is flying off into the universe.

Designed by Imedia

Country: Kyrgyzstan




XONOCHOCO is a chocolate brand that takes us to the roots of where chocolate comes from. Brand Brothers Russia developed the packaging to tell a story about the role of ancient Aztecs in chocolate development.

“The name derives from the name of Xoconochco area conquered by the Aztecs, which had the largest plantation of cocoa beans. As we know cocoa beans were valued more than gold and served as currency. Aztecs are known as a very advanced ancient civilization that, according to some researchers, could be influenced by an alien civilization. The Aztecs were very religious and in fact bloodthirsty people whose gods needed human victims.”

Each chocolate bar features a character, mouth open and hands wrapped around the chocolate, ready to bite into it. A design in the chocolate, visible through the clear plastic, helps to tell more of the story and the flavor of each chocolate. The rich colors are elightful, while splashes of gold elevate the brand.

Designed by Brand Brothers Russia

Country: Russia




NOIR is cosmetic product conception based on my fantasy. The concept of the brand started out from the nature of the tropical environment what is filled with wide range of vivid colors, an infinite variety of plants and animals. The product tries to convey the experience of this wonderful lively feeling via rich fragrance that makes the customer filled with energy and positivity. 
The brand intended to show the intensity, high contrast and the exotic nature of the product in a youthful, modern way.

Designed by Orsolya Hegedus

Country: United Kingdom


Cerveza Milagro


Concept identity for a Mexican, barrel aged beer. The identity was inspired by religious style graphics and designed without landing on a specific religion; the design required attention to the smallest detail, as is required to the brewing of the product itself. The silkscreened label has a rough alternative look, balanced with a divine and serious aspect that reflects the quality of the beer.

Designed by Pedro Ramírez

Country: United States