Lights4fun Rebrand

After experiencing quite a bit of success, Lights4fun had run into a problem: their product ranges were continuing to grow to over 1,000 SKUs but were simultaneously outgrowing their existing brand. Robot Food was called in to rebrand Lights4fun, giving it a dazzling new identity and colorful package design.

“As a lively, hard-working company, the potential for some compelling brand engagement was huge. Robot Food began by creating a sparky brand story and the ‘Shining since 2003’ strapline to convey the brand’s heritage, amazing customer service and can-do attitude. Alongside this, the team created a contemporary new logo with dialled-up relevance and ownability.”

“Next up was the range architecture. To clarify the basic, core and premium tiers, Robot Food devised a simple, striking visual system that distinguishes each and a bold colour coding system signifies the power source of each product.”

“As products came in a huge range of sizes and formats, consistency was key. Pack fronts were given a clean, fuss-free design featuring key information only. Side of pack is now filled with a playful suite of messaging, icons and a technical information. This clear communication hierarchy was made scalable across the whole range.”

“Each product is depicted on pack with a stylized illustration to add a friendly, informative technical feel. Social media gets a look in too, and from order to receipt of goods, the whole experience is fully branded for maximum consumer engagement, with packs encouraging consumers to share photos of their new purchases.”

Because Lights4fun offers such a wide variety of products, it was important that buyers be able to tell each one apart easily while still understanding they all belong to the same brand. A simple visual identity was designed to discern between solar lights, plug-ins, battery-powered lights, and accessories or extras. Bold colors further the identification process, although the straightforward design also works well with specialty lights, like their Halloween line. The brand appears youthful and energetic, certainly embodying the essence of fun.

Matt Naughton, Lights4fun Director, states, “Lights4fun is about quality, lifestyle and making people smile. Robot Food have done a brilliant job injecting our brand with plenty of feel-good attitude. The ranges are much easier to navigate, and the brand has a freshness, simplicity and clarity that takes us to the next level. We’re thrilled.”

Simon Forster, Robot Food’s Creative Director, adds, “Clarity and personality was our strategy, and we had a great time sharpening up the branding, introducing eye-catching colour and rationalising their SKUs. The brand is now a true reflection of what the business offers.”


Designed by: Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds