Goan Herb & Spice Infusions

“Back in 1981, Mrs D'Silva set out on a culinary adventure to her ancestral region of Goa, part of the historic Portuguese spice route. She returned to Britain bursting with enthusiasm, and set about developing recipes for a range of healthy stoneground curry pastes, and so the D’Silva Foods startup was born. In time, due to declining health, Mrs D'Silva could no longer continue her pivotal role in the business, and it was slowly wound down nearly 15 years ago. She always hoped that one day someone would breathe new life into D'Silva Foods, and now her grandson has taken up the mantle and relaunched the brand.”

UK Agency Brandsworth has developed new packaging for the popular line of herbs and spices from D’Silva Foods. Not only is the new packaging completely updated and modern, but it also seems to incorporate more of the culture of food into it, with beautiful Eastern-inspired designs. Graphics look like they were drawn by hand, giving the products a more unique feel. A small amount of silver foil helps to accent the front of the label, making the product more noticeable and elevating the quality of the brand.


“The recipes for D'Silva Foods' core range of Goan Herb & Spice Infusions have remained unchanged, but the brand identity and packaging design system have been completely overhauled. The new look labels for 2016 retain many of the design elements of their 1980s predecessors, whilst forging a new, contemporary aesthetic and bold colour palette that will appeal to enthusiastic home chefs and stand out on the shelf. These rich and colourful label designs evoke all of the energy and vibrancy of Goa and its cuisine.”


Designed by: Brandsworth

Client: D’Silva Foods

Country: United Kingdom