Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing

Take a stroll down the Jersey Shore Boardwalk thanks to Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing. The microbrewery and “teller of tales” is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and is led by one of the youngest female brewery owners in the United States, Jamie Queli. Designed by Perky Bros, the brewery aims to make craft beer that will pique your curiosity with its unique flavors and history of the boardwalk.

“The identity brings to life the stories of sideshow oddities, historic events and darker side of the boardwalk’s past, while filtering it through a quirky, yet restrained visual lens. The packaging’s design and minimal palette creates a clear and inviting presence on the typically cluttered retail shelf. The brand mascot, inspired by the feral cats living underneath the boardwalk, narrates our pretty true ‘tails’ as well as serves as a consistent visual thread from logo to the beer taps.”

Walking down the boardwalk, you’ll find fortune tellers, contortionists, and other “freak show” attractions. With black and white illustrations and delicate dot shading, the images look like traditional ones you might see at an old tattoo parlor. With a bit of a mystical influence, the brewery generates an intrigue to get consumers interested in trying their beers. The striking, stylized graphics are what really help give the brand personality, setting the tone with a retro, mysterious look.


Designed by: Perky Bros

Country: United States

City: Nashville, TN