Concepts We Wish Were Real

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Check out today's collection of concepts and get motivated. 

Pasta Packaging


Talk about standing out on the shelves! In a sea of pasta packaging that relies on inspiration from Italian tradition, this concept from Nikita is sure to catch your attention. With cleverly designed packaging, the pasta literally comes to life in the form of full, flowing hair. 

The white boxes feature clear outlines for each character’s hair, and the natural shape of the pasta creates the texture of a full mane. While most people wouldn’t want to associate hair with the food they eat, Nikita does a great job of making it fun. The font choice and face design of the women on the packaging channel a bit of a retro feel, while the clean box and minimal packaging are modern and updated. Each woman’s face is identical as well, forcing consumers to not objectify the female on the front but instead notice the differences in the pasta and decide which one they’d like.

Designed by Nikita

Country: Russia


Cereal Planet



Breakfast never looked this good! Mihyun Sim has repackaged our favorite cereals we used to consume on a daily as kids and turned them into intergalactic novelties. Marshmallow and fruit flavored cereals are packaged into wacky boxes shaped like hexagons. Stackable for convenient storage, each container is given a small window along with a unique color for easy identification. Keeping with the space theme, an outer space pattern adorns the side of the box and extends to the front in a star formation.


Designed by Mihyun Sim

Country: South Korea




Have you ever seen more delightful juice packaging? These beautiful beverages feature illustrations from Qian Xu with a focus on nature, making consumers feel like they’re right there in the orchard. 

Each geometric illustration features delicate shading to reflect the pureness and delicious flavors of the product. There is a fantastical element to the illustration style, with a hummingbird or deer picking the fruit, and this adds just the right amount of whimsy and beauty to the brand. The labels have hues that look like they were inspired by stunning sunrises or sunsets, creating lovely combinations of colors. The clear bottles allow the hues of the juice to act as a backdrop to the images, and a wide-mouth top makes for easier drinking. 

Designed by Qian Xu

Country: France


Spice Palette


Easy-to-use spices to make your meals even more amazing. Designed by Risa Takeuchi, Spice Palette offers novice chefs the opportunity to quite literally spice up their food prep routine in an incredibly easy way. 

“Spice Palette is an innovative solution for first time cooks. Mess-free, measure-free, and compact. Since this project was developed as a sub-brand for Fresh Direct, shipping-friendly, and easy convenient method of marketing spices were the main focus of this design. The air-tight bubbles that contain the spices are each measured to be exactly one tablespoon; therefore, it’s an easy step for the beginner cooks to use. Just pop, and dash in the spices.”

Instead of dirtying spoons and making a mess, Spice Palette makes seasoning your dishes seamless. Not only does the packaging allow consumers to see the fresh ingredients inside, but against a white background they are instantly noticeable. Labels at the top are a color almost identical to the color of the spice, with an illustration in the bottom left corner that indicates Spice Palette is fresh and adds lots of flavor.

Designed by Risa Takeuchi

Country: United States




Fast pace and highly active life in cities bring as a consequence the physical and mental deterioration of its people this is the most important reason for the development of DETOX. 
The container is made so that liquid can be contained and saved at room temperature for more than a year, this allows the merchandise to be distributed without the need of refrigerating chamber infrastructure. The shape of this container is a consequence of the necessity of opening it with one hand since this has multiple benefits in time and productivity as many activities are done with only one hand. 

Once the liquid is finished it is easy to do away with the container. You simply compress it so it does not occupy a large space where it will be discarded making recycling easier. 

Designed by HI ESTUDIO

Country: Mexico