Buffalo Bill's Brewery

What’s not to love about these charming and unique beer bottles from Bay Area’s Buffalo Bill's Brewery? Each one has a distinct font, image, and plays a small part in creating an overall vision for the brewery.

“Buffalo Bill's Brewery craft beer lineup - one of America’s first brewpubs,1983. Our current labels are a reflection of the original Buffalo Bill’s packaging and incorporate a distinct American aesthetic with minimalist updates. Most of the imagery is watercolor that’s been hand-painted. Buffalo Bill’s craft brews are produced in California with national distribution.”

Lined up, the beers show a rich, dark color palette of deep berry, silver, burnt oranges, and black, implying rich, flavorful beer in each bottle. The labels feature images indicative of the beer variety—strawberries for the strawberry blonde ale or a seductive woman in a gown for the alimony IPA, for example. Although each font for the labels is slightly different, the illustration style is consistent and allows all of the bottles to stand side-by-side as part of something bigger than just their individual parts.


Designed by: Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Country: United States