Viña Martín

“The subtle balance of a classic and modern.” Viña Martín is a variety of rioja designed by TSMGO (The Show Must Go On), a boutique branding, packaging, and graphic agency in Spain. With a focus on clean, simple designs that appear effortless yet effective, TSMGO has created a beautiful crossroads of traditional and contemporary for the wine.

The brand name is written in a gorgeous script that is given personality by being slightly askew and traveling up the bottle. Each wine variety has its own color palette, making the tempranillo uniquely different from the rosado or other types in the line. This gives the brand consistency while opening them up for expansion in the future. Delicately drawn designs grace the front of the label, elevating the brand quality and giving the impression that Viña Martín has a long and rich history as winemakers.


Designed by: TSMGO (The Show Must Go On)

Client: Viña Martín

Country: Spain