This isn’t just Japanese fast food; instead, Maxsushi gives its visitors a Japanese experience. BR/BAUEN developed the branding and packaging for this restaurant chain that brings a bit of Japanese culture to the country of Brazil.

“Maxsushi is a Japanese food franchise founded in 2007 that is present in nine states of Brazil. It based on the ‘casual food’ model and the brand provides a valuable experience through quality products and caring customer service. In 2015, we built a new strategy for Maxsushi to position itself as a Japanese experience provider to enhance its differentiation from competitors and for growth of identification among their customers across all touch points of the brand.”

“To become a brand experience, we outlined the main opportunities and strengths to promote identification with the public and balance the quality differentials between the promise and the brand deliver. Implement the perception to all the guests (consumers and franchised).”

“Modern, fun and young. With these attributes, we developed a platform for the brand to create distinction, bringing forward the new qualities: taste and sympathy. A personality ‘kawaii’ is a tribute to the japanese culture, with lots of references from Japan, which are already part of our client’s mind.”

Maxsushi does not simply take certain aspects of the culture and trivialize them for a certain aesthetic. The brand is certainly playful and adopts the idea of “kawaii,” featuring adorable little critters and drawings. Small details, though, like the orange line pattern or the red and white design, are inspired by things like seafood and cherry blossoms. Japanese culture is generally known for being extreme and undeniably unique, and Maxsushi’s bright colors and energetic yet incredibly organized appearance definitely channels this.

“Never having lost its essence, the Japanese culture develops and transforms behaviors. Japan has arrived with a lot of wisdom, fun and sympathy in western countries. We have brought these aspects to the verbal and visual identity by being a tribute and a celebration of these lovely concepts. From the logo to the mojimax drawings, we considered the traditional aspects, how they have developed in Japan and brought a truly Japanese identity, full of personality and functionality. As it is a franchise, we had to compose diverse elements to form the identity to communicate recognition.”

“Speaking of a franchise operation, brand standards are necessary for the correct use of the brand throughout so many mediums. To prevent all sorts disconnections and set the standards, we produced three specific standard brand books: Visual, Verbal and Social identities which establish all usage standards for printed, digital, social and store branding material.”


Designed by: BR/BAUEN

Country: Brazil