Hana Ichie Sake

You’ll only find Hana Ichie (花いちえ) Sake sold at the Hokkaido bar chain. Made from rice and rice malt, it has fruity flavor and rich aroma. Ana Popova designed the sake to be sold as a stylish option, almost as if someone were sitting down for a relaxing glass of wine.

“Most of the sake label designs are old-fashioned, traditional Japanese brush strokes in black with white background. Hana Ichi design had to be modern, stylish, closer to a wine label to stand out to customers. Colors include accent colors for different sake flavors in each season. Motifs used include the Japanese flag and Hokkaido Island motifs (ocean, grassland, the shape of Hokkaido island).”

Hana Ichie certainly implies what delicate flavors the sake has. Instead of going with what sake traditionally looks like, Popova has given sake a new look entirely—that of an elegant wine bottle. Instead of covering it in Japanese motifs, a simple red dot in between the brand name represents the country’s flag. The label avoids overwhelming the consumer, and instead small details, like repetitive waving lines in the background, add texture and depth to the sake.


Designed by: Ana Popova

Country: France

City: Paris