Red Bull Orange Edition Influencer Kits

Red Bull Orange Edition gives you the taste of tangerine and the wings of Red Bull. These specially crafted Influencer Kits, crafted by Steller Park, Inc., introduce this zesty new flavor to select people in the spotlight.

“A new year and a new flavor! Red Bull approached us to make influencer kits for the new Orange Edition to help generate buzz and excitement around the launch. Our initial ideas centered around creating a box that had an overall minimal aesthetic, but when held, felt luxurious. We juxtaposed materials, using a soft, elegant Senzo for the outer wrap and a high gloss lay flat film for the tray—creating a soft / sharp feel not only in texture but with the coordination of colors as well.”

These influencer kits embrace the minimal aesthetic that Steller Park, Inc. wanted but also pack a ton of excitement around the new flavor. On the outside, the box is simple, mostly white orange sides and two feisty, silver foil bulls on the top. As the lid lifts up, the anticipation builds with strategically placed text and a conveniently placed ribbon to help lift the can up and out of the packaging. Although beautiful and elegant, the inside packaging naturally brings a bit of energy to the brand, promising “Wiiings for every taste.”

“Red Bull sent the influencer kits to media, athletes and opinion leaders. Everyone receiving the special package from Red Bull was encouraged to share their experience via social media. Athlete, Lolo Jones, decided to make a short commercial after opening the new flavor as others posted pictures and hashtags.”


Designed by Steller Park, Inc.

Country: United States

City: Seattle