Designer Elia Tsamantaki didn’t just set out to create attractive, new packaging for Cookfish Ltd—she aimed to solve a problem. For Cookfish, the line of seafood that allows pretty much anyone to cook a fish to perfection, this meant helping consumers to see the type of packaging used in an entirely new light.

“Cookfish Ltd is a Greek company which provide a new way to enjoy perfectly cooked fish in just minutes, using oven-safe bags that trap in moisture and natural juices in order to keep the fish from drying out. The raw materials are selected from sustainable sources with respect to the environment and then they are given to Chefs for a light marinade, preserving intact all the beneficial components of the fish.”

“Market research indicated consumer's reluctance to cook ‘in a nylon cooking bag,’ so it was a challenge to design a packaging that would help consumers overcome barriers, by highlighting the goodness, simplicity and purity of the raw materials and ingredients. As a packaging material, kraft paper was used, because of its natural colour, as well as its environmentally friendly and recyclable nature. In combination with the minimal design, they promote the pureness and the homemade feeling of the product, that makes the customer to trust and consume it. Also, a hole in the package was designed, so as to let the consumer to have visual contact with the pure ingredients, as in that way it is easier for him/her to trust and choose the product.”

Cookfish had a number of goals with their packaging, from gaining the buyer’s trust to communicating the way the fish were harvested. As a result, consumers can easily see the freshness and quality of the product even before purchase, but Tsamantaki’s work also makes the process of preparing the food easier. Cookfish is clearly aimed at busy consumers who want to cook gourmet meals with fresh components but also need to save time. The kraft paper and hole in the packaging emphasize the product’s freshness, and simple instructions on the front allow potential buyers to fully comprehend the ease of prepping their meal.


Designed by Elia Tsamantaki

Client: Cookfish Ltd

Country: Greece

City: Athens