Ravel Wines

We dare you to take your eyes off of these wine labels. With branding and packaging designed by Tom Ralston, Ravel Wines is a distributor of premium wines in Toronto, Ontario.

The packaging is as hypnotizing as it is beautiful, as soothing as it is exciting. Bright colors almost mimic the kind of hues you would see under a blacklight, and the repetitive designs are utterly captivating. Against the black background, the fine colored lines give the images a sense of movement, like psychedelic curves and lines that seem to reveal something the longer you look at it. The detail of the logo looks classy and refined, while the near-neon hues give the wine a dose of energy. Ravel Wines seems to be geared towards a more youthful crowd who doesn’t want to compromise excellent taste in wine.


Designed by Tom Ralston

Country: Canada

City: Toronto