DON CHIKU is tequila with attitude. Valerii Sumilov designed the packaging for this Mexican tequila, incorporating traditional elements with new ones for a self-assured, enticing look.

A Mexican sugar skull stands front and center, an image that by itself is a crossroads of morbid and beautiful. On either side we see slick, silver guns pointing out to the sides, bringing the label to life and lending the mustachioed skull a bit of personality. Blues, blacks, and silvers make the overall appearance crisp and modern, as well as implying an impeccable attention to detail in the creation of the spirit.

Bottles come with a coordinating box that almost has a sheen to it, elevating the quality of the drink. The three different types of tequila are distinguished by a slightly different colored label at the bottom, and bringing the bottles together to form a small army of three gun-wielding skulls.


Designed by Valerii Sumilov

Country: Moldova