The Shack

Using clever red and blue stencils gives this seafood restaurant a sense of motion, indicating the high quality ingredients and fish they use. Backbone Branding designed the branding and packaging to give a mood of the spirit of the sea and of freshly fished seafood.

The Shack embraces the ocean, clearly taking pride in the food they prepare and where it comes from. Using simple brown bags, coasters, and menus reminds consumers of the simplicity of where the food is sourced. Even the name “The Shack” implies this is a small operation, where the chef knows the backstory to every ingredient used. Other small details, like twine used to hold the menus together or sack cloth for the aprons further promote their love of simple food done well.

“One of our working criteria is always make the brand visualization express an essence. We celebrated the seafood eating culture in the shacks by telling you a story about one of them. The Shack means a small wooden fishing house. The logo construction visualizes the naming and its design recalls to a shack.”

“According to the concept, the owner, who is the fisherman, will entertain you to delicious fished wild seafood, wherein having just a small restaurant which is not that rich. He cannot afford expensive design and brand identity.”

“Supposing the fisherman’s limited opportunities, he would have just handy tools for making his restaurant identity.  Even the materials used in the design talk about it. He would carve out the stencil shapes of the fish he usually caught and the naming fonts by himself and make stenciled illustrations for his small restaurant design.”

“The zest of The Shack brand are the variations of the design compositions created by twisting the fragments and changing the colors of the illustrations. The packages for the brand identity has two packaging categories: colored, as main and a fluorescent on black, as premium. The premium black package transfers the idea of the night sea. Blue and red were chosen as the main brand colors indicating deep sea and cooked seafood.”


Designed by Backbone Branding

Client: Allied Brothers CO.

Country: Armenia