Food Love

Love food? Then you’ll love picking up one of these pre-made sandwiches at your local coffee shop. For someone looking for a quick meal that doesn’t compromise on great ingredients and outstanding flavor, Food Love is a dream come true.

“We were assigned to create a new range of food packaging for Esquires Coffee Houses. It was crucial that the design reflected the brand values, being a smaller artisan coffee chain with hand crafted coffee and food, with love and pride for their organic and fair trade produce. We designed a packaging range with a current up to date look, inspired of the ever so popular Zentangel Patterns. It was also important that it had a clear and intuitive navigation system in place, making it easy to differentiate between the different flavours and content being meat, poultry or vegetarian.”

While many quick grab-and-go sandwiches are not as healthy, Food Love uses premium ingredients like smoked ham, freshly caught fish, and gruyere. The design takes the idea of easy food solutions and makes it more suitable for today’s consumers—the ones who are health-conscious and highly considerate of what goes into their meals. Using popular illustrations gives it a modern edge, and buyers can easily look inside the packaging to see the quality of the product they buy. Stickers in various hues help to tell apart the different types of sandwiches based on what’s inside.


Designed by Go Creative

Country: United Kingdom