CHANDRA is a line of stylish women’s clothes and accessories established in Switzerland by Trang & Aurélien Spiegelberg. The items are playful and bold yet still embrace a sense of simplicity. Designed by Oddds The New Anthropology, this beautiful brand of clothing appeals to a modern, successful woman who wants feminine options that are equally as practical.

“The brand identity consists of a logo with a clean san serif type accompanied by the brand's icon of a cat's head. A symbol of simplicity, bold, playfulness and purity - a representative for both cats and women. Subtle depth comes in a form of iconography and line work of the Cat with a Rose resting amidst the top of its head with a symmetrical face is the main iconic brandmark of Chandra. The Cat icon becomes a graphic device that navigates itself within Chandra. The gentle curl of the ‘R’ within the logotype represents the poise tail of a cat's.”

“The logotype and typography is balanced to create a supple certainty about Chandra. Subtle flow of language is kept non-intentional but intentionally underpins its place and is thoroughly seen on the clothes labels and in communications. This is extended across to business name cards, sealing stickers, clothing tag, thank you card, retail paper bags, flat-pack envelopes and packaging. Keeping agile, the brand identity corresponds with Chandra's collections that ranges from flowy flamingo trousers to many tops that define juxtaposing designs with attention to detail, emphasis on tailoring and minimal structure lines that reflects silhouettes, necklines and personal styles.”

Everything about the brand is executed with extreme attention to detail, down to the curve of the “R” in CHANDRA and the dreamy colors of the fabrics. The clothing options appear to be basics with a new-age twist, adding in some unexpected colors and textures. While the brand clearly embraces femininity, it mostly shows through in subtle touches, like the cat logo or the blooming flower on the business cards.

“With crafted fabrics in pastels or textured unabashed patterns of flowers - these pieces render a modern heart of maturity. Alongside the warm orange foil print finishes which is seen paired with the business name cards and flat-pack envelopes; the brand palette mixes with slight touches. Colours of orange, salmon, ivory, ebony with highlights of terracotta and white silkscreens within print communications on thick paper stock.”


Designed by Oddds The New Anthropology

Country: Singapore