Glutenno offers gluten free foods of all types. From bread mixes to pizza crusts to cakes, if you eat gluten free you’ll have endless options. Graphasel Design Studio developed the packaging for Glutenno, making it a fun option that looks equally delicious as its traditional counterparts.

“Our client develops specialty products for gluten-sensitive consumers. The range includes flour mixes, pasta and biscuits as per recipe recommendations. Our packaging concept is based on the varied forms of the seeds used as the raw material, which are shown as a spread pattern on the main face of the boxes. The illustrations were kept in a clear two-dimensional environment so that the ornaments can be used without distortion on the displayed surfaces. The different product groups were distinguished by colours; nevertheless, black and white design prevails, which aims to emphasize elegance.”

Because Glutenno offers so many different products, keeping an element of consistency was key. The final product uses various illustrations and graphics to keep the appearance lively and differentiate each item, while still making it unified under the brand. Bread and cake mixes, for example, feature their own color and image for each one, delightfully created to look endearing and enticing. Cookies, on the other hand, come in black boxes with a bright colorful pattern that is perfectly suited for something a little sweeter. The Glutenno name appears at the top of all the packaging, and a whisk and spatula cross to help make gluten free cooking and baking more accessible to the masses.


Designed by Graphasel Design Studio

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest