Baker Bob's Fruit Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are delicious just the way they are, but Baker Bob’s has come out with a new product in Australia: Fruit Hot Cross Buns. New Zealand agency makebardo was tasked with creating a simple and direct concept that utilizes minimalist graphics. Additionally, the packaging needed to be about 80% clear plastic to show off the freshness of the product, while still embracing a bit of tradition.

Baker Bob’s Fruit Hot Cross Buns look like you just picked them up from a local bakery. Being able to see the product inside allows consumers to trust the brand more, and the large black and white label features illustrations of artisan breads. Consumers value a brand with a history or with extensive experience in its field, and Baker Bob’s certainly possesses a classic look. The large sans serif font, though, makes it appear more contemporary and contributes to the minimalist style.

“We redesign the brand keeping the typography with a new shape to contain the logotype. We believe that a morphology of a 'dialogue' shape design will generate a brand who wants to be connected and speaks with their consumers.”

“For the other hand the design of the packaging is a fair reflection of brand honesty and quality product with enough components to create a system that is impactful from a distance. Has a layer of detail up close, straightforward and contemporary in its communication and an interesting minimal aesthetic. In resumen, we create a packaging design able to blends a traditional bakery aesthetic with a very modern and minimal execution.”


Designed by makebardo

Client: Baker Bob’s

Country: New Zealand