Prewetts Gorgeously Gluten Free

100% gluten free and delicious. Prewetts has been making premium gluten-free, own-label cookies for decades now, but they turned to Robot Food for help in creating an entirely new range of products. This also included a “biscuit bar,” a first of its kind in the market of gluten-free foods.

“Robot Food created the ‘Gorgeously gluten free’ strapline, and designed three variants (Chewy Oat and Raisin, Spicy Dark Chocolate and Ginger, and Rich Triple Chocolate) using strong blocks of bold colour, contrasted against a clean, luxurious white. The effects hint at the purity of ingredients and the flavoursome biscuits inside each pack. Robot Food also created ‘Chocoful,’ a fun and colourful biscuit bar sub-range with strong family appeal.”

“Heritage and expertise are both key to Prewetts offering, and for a more elegant brand expression, the Robot Food team reduced the font weight of the existing logotype, and created a secondary brand mark for placement on pack tops, signifying the company’s heritage and commitment to quality.”

The images on the front of the packaging are absolutely mouthwatering. Those who avoid gluten will be just as attracted to purchasing Prewetts’ products as those who consume it.  Using crisp white allows the bright hues on the side of the box and the images of the biscuits to pop. Prewetts Gorgeously Gluten Free clearly appeals to the health-conscious consumer, using the shape of the biscuit to show some of the tasty ingredients that go into making the cookies. For those who want to know a little more about what goes into the products they eat, this is key.

“The design positions Prewetts as both a trusted brand and an indulgent treat for modern foodies, proving that gluten-free food certainly can taste great, and that it’s not just for coeliacs. Now in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, among other retailers, Prewetts new upmarket addition to their core range has taken £400,000 in the first four months.”

Simon Forster, Creative Director, states, “Gluten free products are growing fast in popularity as the wider benefits of a gluten free diet become understood by more people. We hope that our design makes retailers rethink where they position these great biscuits, as they shouldn’t be confined to the gluten free aisle.”


Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds