Concepts We Wish Were Real

Start your weekend with the last Concepts We Wish Were Real for the month of February!

Black Fruit


Fruit juice that is bold and edgy. Designed by Małgorzata Krych, Black Fruit takes a different route with its packaging design using high contrasting colors against a black background. The "Black Fruit" logo forms a speckled cloud at the base of the paper carton while an illustration of each fruit hovers above. The flavor and nutritional information are written out in white not to distract from the graphics. 

Designed by Małgorzata Krych


Country: Poland




“nuovo” is a laundry detergent brand offering people laundry products to create their modern lifestyle. The word "nuovo" means "new" or "restored to a new condition" in Italian. Many people can feel a laundry laziness for all their lives. The goal was to make people as motivated as possible when they do their laundry. The packaging was kept to a minimal with a vivid blue color as the star of the show. Symbols were created from the name and implemented in the design, indicators of what detergent is for what fabric. 

Designed by Hyeona Hannah Ahn

United States: United States


Slim root pasta


Bikini Season is on the horizon. Why not give Slim root pasta a go? Conceptualized by Loucas Chondros, high fiber pastas are packaged in crisp white boxes embellished  with playful patterns running on the side of the structure and across the front. Each abstract pattern correlates to the type of pasta shape contained in the box. 

"Slim root pasta, made by konjac flour, contains 97% water and 3% glucomannan and therefore, is extremely low in calories, low in fat, high in fibre and rich in minerals. 
It contains no carbohydrates so it is ideal for people trying to lose weight. 
Given that all konjac products are gluten free, it is ideal for sufferers of gluten intolerances and also suitable for diabetics."

Designed by Loucas Chondros

Country: Greece




These students are transforming what it means to package pantry items. Fish, Dried meats, and petit fours are stored in minimal white boxes that add a sophisticated touch to every product. An abbreviation of the items is featured on the front of the box with a landscape overlay. An image of the food is shrunken and placed beside the letter while the logo hovers above the product description on the other side. 

Designed by Margaux Bual, Cristian Varela, Lina Yucumá Carvajal

School: Elisava

Country: Spain


Erdinger Special Edition


My goal in this project was to create a Special Edition to celebrate the 20 years of the Erdinger Fan Club. For this, I decided to choose the three beers most appreciated (weissbier, dunkel, pikantus). How is a brand that is well placed in the world market my idea was create a premium bottle, which could be as simple as possible, without break de identity. 
There was an intervention in the bottles, they were painted with the color that is assigned to each model. Once painted, took a varnish which gave a matte appearance to the bottles. 
For the presentation of bottles, was built a wooden box to give a more traditional look, which refers to the values of own brand and also to protect and save the product. This same box serves to expose the product and put it in the cellar of a fond beer.

Designed by Cristiano Loureiro

Country: Portugal


Cacao 20°


Concept of packaging cacao for a hedonist. The idea of naming for cacao connecting with the cacao's growing areas. They belong to geographical space from 20° N to 20° S. As a result, the tube needs to have map with "cacao area" inside. Outside design is strong and clear. There is only a logo: 20° and a thin geographical grid. The packaging production is 2-color printing. It used silver stamping and one color printing connecting with special taste of cacao.

Designed by Anna Kosheleva

Country: Russia

Elizabeth Freeman