For all you gym-buffs out there looking for a new protein bar to try, check out Cave Foods. Vaccum-sealed in paper pouches, the rectangular bars are kept fresh and away from the outside environment. The brand's logo, a shaggy mammoth, consumes the front of the package with the name contained inside the body of the beast. 

"Fitness fanatics and those training hard need sustenance at the end of the day; really good, gut filling, nutritious sustenance. So when Cave Foods founders (Ben Moon, Stuart Gadsby and Trevor Nightengale) were hungry after a particularly gruelling session, and couldn’t find anything they liked, they decided to make their own. And it was good. So good, they had to share, and so Cave Foods was born. You see real food isn’t just about squashing seeds and honey together – it’s about flavour, texture and balance. Because proper food is never boring."

"There’s one more ingredient, however, to creating a successful paleo-inspired business, and that’s what happens at point-of-sale. Paleo foods have become one of the latest diet catch cries, but no one is differentiating on-shelf apart from the word “paleo”. We wanted to take things much further back than that. Hell, Cave Foods would have wrapped their bars in brown paper if the food authorities would let them. But, alas, no. So we stripped it all back to simple, shrink-wrapped packs where low-tech earthy tones, hand drawn graphics, and non-uniformity were the end game. Real basic stuff, and our budding Neanderthal market snapped them up."


Illustration and Creative Direction: Scott Bremner

Pack Design: Elissa Tarasiewicz

Copywriting: John Pederson 

Designed by Darling Brands

Client: Cave Foods

Country: Australia