Queen's Ferry Gin

What an exquisite design on this bottle of gin! This very limited release of Queen’s Ferry Gin is a beauty to add to the liquor cabinet, if you’re able to get your hands on one. Barnes, Catmur & Friends helped to design and produce the bottles filled with navy-strength gin.

“Barnes, Catmur & Friends are again (High Street Whisky) honouring their special friends with a seasonal offering. With the help of Broken Heart Spirits, the agency designed and produced 150 bottles of Queen’s Ferry Gin, a tribute to the nearby Queen’s Ferry Tavern, which after 150 years of dishonourable activity, was forced to close its doors. The Queen’s Ferry name now lives on in the form of 52 standard drinks of premium New Zealand Gin (or one if you’re a sailor).”

The yellowed label adds to the overall experience, making Queen’s Ferry Gin a special bottle discovered by a lucky few. A variety of fonts and graphics give it an overall traditional appearance, almost like an old-timey poster or newspaper ad. Small details add to its personality, with things like “Lies don’t pay” and “Nice Thought from Purveyors of Fine Thinking.”


Designed by Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Client: Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland