Concepts We Wish Were Real

What a great week it's been! Time celebrate what you've accomplished with The Dieline's "Concepts We Wish Were Real".



Indulge in organic foods with luxury and class. Designed by xianwen wei, a conceptual pantry line features wine, jam, cookies, and bread dressed in their Sunday's best. With a colorway of grey and white, items are embellished with gold leaf forming beautiful silhouettes of floral. The overall design sticks to a minimalist aesthetic which adds sophistication to the fictional brand. 

Designed by xianwen wei

Country: Italy


Flower Packaging


As a school project they were given a brief from Swedbag, a swedish company that creates packaging for shops and stores. The brief was to create and invent a new way to package flowers that's more efficient, sustainable and communicates to the new consumer. Linn KarlssonJonathan JonssonNina Klose decided to create two types of packaging for bouquets - one for warmer weather and a closable one for colder. The package closes by lock mechanisms in the carton board and the handle. This makes the package sustainable since no glue or tape is needed.

Designed by Linn KarlssonJonathan JonssonNina Klose

Country: Sweden


Mandarin Natural Chocolate


Bean-to-bar chocolate is trending, and consumers are loving the option to purchase chocolate from places that work with the cacao beans during the entire chocolate-making process. People today are more concerned about what goes into their food (and desserts!), so having chocolatiers who help create the bar from scratch generates more trust between brands and buyers. Yuta Takahashi has developed this branding and packaging for Mandarin Natural Chocolate, making it beautifully simple and striking.

“Mandarin natural chocolate makes ‘bean to bar’ chocolates, employing chocolatiers consistently working on the entire manufacturing process from the roasting of cacao beans to the finished chocolate bar. We offer 60, 80 and 100% cacao chocolate bars only made with organic cacao and cane sugar. We are idealists who pursue quality and believe in ‘improving the quality of people's lives.’ This modernistic brand expresses itself through stunning white, an understated elegance and modernistic graphic design. Our distinct identity, borne of our obsessive refusal to compromise, integrates a minimalistic elegance with a contemporary impression thus bringing the experience of a lovely, new brand to you.”

The brand goals are executed perfectly, with stark white packaging and an easy system to determine the cacao percentage. Undoubtedly modern, the marble backgrounds in brand images add a sense of high quality to the products. The emphasis is placed on delicious, well-made chocolate, and Mandarin achieves this by letting the chocolate’s quality shine.

Designed by Yuta Takahashi

Country: Japan


Game Over


Who are the most likely culprits to sabotage a fun weekend camping trip, romantic outdoor meal, or summertime baseball game in the backyard? Insects and bugs. Luckily, Katya Mushkina has developed a concept for an insect repellant that is effective against pests but also natural and safe for skin, young ones, and even pets.

The sprays, rollers, and candles approaches killing insects like winning a game, turning a less-than-enjoyable task into a fun one that kids and adults will be happy about. A familiar tic-tac-toe layout appears, with a brightly colored spray line eliminating bugs cutting across the board. Although little crawlies are usually pretty gross, Mushkina has used thick, hand-drawn text and illustration to make it more playful. Games for cell phones are also available, allowing the brand to go beyond the product itself and create a stronger emotional connection with consumers.

Designed by Katya Mushkina

Country: Russia


Visual Echo


Traditional souvenirs tend to be cheap and useless knick knacks–a gaudy fridge magnet or a miniature-sized monument. Visual Echo, however, is a souvenir you’d actually want to have. A concept designed by Angelina Panagiotopoulou, Visual Echo gives visitors of Greece an opportunity to explore Greece beyond their trip, helping to bring back fond memories of their time there. 

The project includes a cloth map and a number of cubes, all with portions of images inspired by Greece on each side. By playing around with them, users can create their own images that are inspired by Greece. Visual Echo takes cues from Greek packaging design of the early 20th century, and the nature of it being interactive makes it a one-of-a-kind souvenir to have.

“Visual Echo: a Greek packaging paradigm, is a self-initiated research project for my BA Thesis. It explores possible communal visual principles within the Greek packaging design of the period 1910-1960 that could be distilled and constitute a certain typology. It is a multidisciplinary project focusing specifically on Greek Packaging Design after reviewing 200 packaging items collected by The Hellenic Literary & Historical Archive. The goal was to identify and codify the visual elements that are interpreted as ‘Greek,’ and then, based on my findings, design objects.

Based on the findings of my research and inspired by the principles analyzed in the Sample Book I designed a conceptual 3D puzzle – souvenir. The puzzle consists of a number of cubes, each side of the cube matches to one edition, meaning the visualization of each side corresponds to the visual element analysed in each edition. The main idea is to take back home an essence of your visit to Greece. You can unfold it, experiment and combine the cube-houses on the map and each time create a completely unique version of your own ‘codified’ Greek image. A variety of different techniques were used in my design process such as silkscreen, linocut, decoupage, stamp and vinyl.” 

Designed by Angelina Panagiotopoulou

Country: Greece




Take tasty natural juices and trendy pop art, and you’ll end up with veg&pop. A concept developed by David Reca, veg&pop is a fun way for young people to enjoy delicious (and healthy) drinks without ugly juice boxes or busy labels.

“veg&pop is a brand for young people in leisure spaces. The brand was designed for a healthy and natural lifestyle in party moments. Inspired in Pop art movement, especially in the dots screentones from authors like Roy Lichtenstein, the colors and the energy are his most visual virtue. The design plays to feel young for a healthy drink in a leisure night context, this is the reason because of bottles are just from typical drinks and not from standard juices.”

Clear bottles that look like soda pop make veg&pop perfect for socializing and hanging out with friends. Dot screen tones speak to a young audience, but also those who admire art and prefer not to settle for your average drink bottle. The electric, bright hues of each juice are instantly attention-grabbing, but of course, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, isn’t it? Instead of a sugary, carbonated drink, this is 100% natural juice.

Designed by David Reca

Country: Spain